Kathy Wheat Voice Over


Kathy is a female voice actor looking forward to helping you with your next project.  

Kathy’s voice is perfect to bring your project to life, and she’ll make sure everyone has fun along the way too.  She has a professional home studio with a Vizsla standing guard outside (let’s be honest, this dog is usually asleep!).

Kathy’s voice has been described as bright, friendly, warm, compassionate, strong professional, smooth and deep. She is an expert storyteller and engages the listener to bring your message to life – no matter the topic!

Kathy spent nearly twenty years as a technology & marketing professional, making the switch to a life in front of a microphone more than five years ago. She brings her experience fine tuning customer messaging and communication to every script she works with. With a math degree (for real!) and a love of all things tech, she can help break down even the most complex topics so your listener truly hears what you are saying.

Kathy loves exploring all areas of voice over, but specializes in commercial, corporate, e-learning, medical, technical, & financial scripts, to name a few. She brings her curious personality and bright engaging attitude to all reads to ensure an outstanding outcome for your project.

Kathy currently lives in Texas, but has previously lived in France, San Francisco, and Chicago leaving her with a lovely neutral accent perfect for any region.

Reach out to learn more about her services and discuss your project!